Friday, 6 July 2018

Family Tree🌳

Family Tree Art

We started doing our family trees at the start of term two. 
I found this art pretty difficult because there were a lot of stages to it. I didn't add all my family members, I just added my siblings and my mum, and her parents.

Solar Power☀️

Solar Power - Inquiry
(Aaliyah & Claudia)

Last week, our class was assigned to create a presentation with a group about Solar Power, Hydro Power or Wind Power.
We chose to do Solar Power because it sounded interesting.
Yesterday, we presented our work in front of the whole class and we were rated by our teacher, Mrs Lauchlan. We got 69/100
I was very proud of Claudia and I, I think the only thing we needed to work on was talking about our slide, not reading it.

I hope you enjoy our presentation about Solar Power!

Friday, 29 June 2018

Geometry Stop Motion Movie

Geometry Stop Motion Movie
(Aaliyah, Stella & Ewan)

Today, we had a learning assembly. So basically what we did is showcase our learning throughout this term. Everyone in my class were put into 3 groups and were assigned to create a stop motion about a certain subject, eg: Art, Holy Spirit etc. 
Our subject was Geometry.
Our video is very short because we spent a lot of time wasted on the map and coloring it in, but I still hope you enjoy it. 🌈

Friday, 15 June 2018