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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Estimating the Volume

Wednesday 12 September 

Learn: To have a sense of estimation
Question: How many bottles of 600ml can fit into these containers?

Ice Cream Container
600ml x 4 = 2400ml
3 1/4 bottles
Crayon Container
600ml x 6 = 3600ml
5 1/2 bottles
600ml x 4 = 2400ml
3 1/4 bottles
Cooking Bowl
600ml x 6 = 3600ml
5 1/2 bottles

Technology - Cooking Sweet Chili Chicken

Wednesday 12 September

To follow the instruction.
To measure the correct amount.

How to cook Sweet Chili Chicken

1. First you boil the chicken - Add water just above the chicken and then put it on the element, then pop on the lid. (When the water starts to boil, you can take off the lid.)
2. When the chicken is ready, you drain it and then lay the chicken out on a flat baking tin covered with baking paper.
3. When the chicken has cooled a bit, turn on the oven to 200, you soak the chicken in sweet chili sauce and soy sauce. When that is done you put it in the oven and leave it in there until golden brown.

You can eat your chicken with rice or with any other side dish.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Narrative Writing

Learn: To write pre asset our narrative writing.

Emily looked at the dark clouds outside, it was about to rain and she still didn’t know if she should leave. About a week ago a tornado hit her small cottage damaging it and killing everyone she loved, her younger brother and her dear mother. Her father was working in the fields but he never returned. She had no one to go to and so she stayed in the empty cottage by herself, feeding and looking after herself. But once she ran out of resources, she knew she had to leave.

Emily got a small suitcase with some clothes and snacks and carried a thin blanket. She started to walk down the grisly path, looking down at the dirt. Emily was walking for quite a long time and wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings, the last time she had looked up at the path ahead of her, everything was the same, but now she noticed that she was in an forest. It was like she transported into an entirely new place without even knowing it.
She looked around, it was all green and uneven, anyone could of tripped and sprained their ankle if they weren’t careful. As Emily walked further into the green abyss, she heard a faint howl. She looked around nervously, “Was that a wolf?” She was curious, but she let that thought blow over. Emily continued on her way, but about five minutes later she heard another howl, but it was much more clear. Her senses heightened as she looked around the forest, then she saw it... a wolf!

The wolf was quite small and it’s black fur looked tampered with, but it’s big, sharp teeth made up for the wolf’s small appearance. Emily was dumbstruck, she didn’t know what to do or where to go, so she did the first thing that came to mind, run. She ran as fast as she could, watching her step just in case she tripped, and not far behind was that wolf.

It seemed like forever, but she finally made it out of the green abyss, but she still wasn’t alone. Not too far away was a town, even though it was dark she could still see some smoke and light coming from a bonfire. She had some hope, so she decided to keep on running. She was running at lightning speed and as she looked behind her she didn’t see the wolf, a smile crept to spread on her face, but then she tripped.

She hit the ground and felt the pain rushing through her body. “I think I sprained my ankle,” she cried in pain. She could hear the wolf’s panting coming closer. This is how i’m going to die? Wow. Emily was in a daze for a while and when she came back to reality (in the moment of panic) she screamed, “Ahhh!” She kept on screaming, so she could try and scare away the small wolf and to also get the attention of the nearby villagers. This carried on until she saw the wolf sprint off, but it wasn’t because of her constant screaming, it was because of the light and voices coming closer to where she was.

The voices were women coming from the bonfire, when they saw poor Emily lying on the grass in pain, they knew they had to take her to their village and treat her. One of the mothers (a mother of 5) voluntarily took Emily as her own after Emily told her about her sad, sad life story. Emily lived happily with that family and received an education, she spent her time looking after and playing with her new siblings, but she never really forgot about that horrible incident or her family.

The Early Church vs Now

Learn: To identify the difference between the Early Church and the Church today.

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Lydia of the Purple Dye Trade

Learn: To find information about the early Christians, Lydia by reading a text that told me who she was.