Friday, 23 September 2016

St Pius X Padlet

We are learning to skim and scan through a piece of text to get information.

Tongan language week shared lunch

In the cold hollow hall, I sat with room 5 waiting for our mouth-watering food. I could see a giant tank of . Before we got ready to dig into the amazing smelling island food, we said a prayer in Tongan.

And then the war began, everyone reached for a bowl and started pouring all of the delicious food onto their plate.My favourite was the chop suey (because that was the only food leftover). Five minutes later i’m pretty sure that the table was now a desert, just crumbs and slopes of leftovers left to be cleaned. The most of room 5 didn’t get to eat any ( well they should of came over and took some food to eat ).

Tongan language week is special to our school because, most of it is made out of Tongans. Its also very special to all the other Polynesian or Palagi kids because we get to experience what it’s like to be Tongan.

What my culture means to me

To me, being a samoan is like being given a gift. I know some people judge us by our skin tone but we are more than that. That is one thing I love about being an islander, we don’t care about what people think about us.

Another thing that I love about being samoan are the dances. When you are dancing on a special occasion, you are usually telling a story. To me dancing is like a whole new thing when I found out this.

Even though we are just plain brown chocolates, we are proud brown chocolates. We stand up for our rights, and for the rights of others. Being a different skin tone isn’t  always easy, sometimes we can’t go in places other people can go to.

But it’s the 21 century, certain things have changed throughout the globe. I like this change, it’s for the best.  

Grandma's Poem

Grandma’s Poem

Standing outside the door of heaven waiting for you to come out, waiting for 10 years, but then I doubt.
Every single act of kindness is now a memory to me, no wonder you’re in heaven you have the key.
Being apart for so long is hard, this is why I am giving you this card. Every word in this is dedicated to you, I hope you read this when you’re feeling blue.
Your eyes to me are like the light of the sun, your hugs to me are like eating warm buns.
I love you nana.

Typing Test


I am happy with both of my results. My new goal is to try and get 48 or higher so I can type faster and get my work finished faster.

Prototec Times Tables Practise

I have done better than this. My new goal is to try and get 56/66 or higher.