Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A Ranui Holiday

On a cold Monday morning I woke up early for school, I had just put on my school uniform when I realized it was the school holidays, so I put my pajamas back on and walked to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Today was Lazy Monday so all we needed to do was sit down on the couch and watch movies on Netflix. But then my ten year old niece woke up and annoyed me for the whole morning, so I walked into the bedroom where I ate my breakfast in peace.

After a couple of boring hours later all my nieces and I went outside for rugby practice. When I was teaching my eight year old niece to kick the ball, a ferocious dog came out of nowhere and ran after us. I was so scared that I ran inside the house and left my nieces outside.

A few minutes later I decided to go outside to see if the dog went away, but instead of a ferocious dog I saw all my nieces petting the dog. I was jealous that the dog like my nieces better but when I turned around I felt a soft furry coat rub against my leg. All of my nieces laughed and ran over to tell me about the dog.

Late in the evening we were watching scary clown pranks when the phone rang so I went to go pick it up but when I put the phone to my ear nobody was there, it happened again three times I was getting scared so I told my niece, but only then she told me it was a prank.

 We all laughed and agreed this was one of the best day we had ever had.

Thursday, 14 April 2016