Monday, 4 April 2016

Saint Patrick's Day Mass and soulfriends feast

Saint Patrick’s day recount My personal voice Aaliyah 17 March

On Saint Patrick’s day at the mass I sat next to my soul friend, Malia. When it was time for the vows Malia kept on talking to the children behind her. I felt like a parent with a naughty kid. I thought the mass was realy nice because how father spoke in a language we could understand.
At the shared lunch I was with Malia. Malia didn’t have any shared lunch so I had to share my lunch with her. I felt really hungry because of all the food around us. When I brought out the packet of chips and cookies we all dug in like a pack of hungry wolves. I then brought out the milk for us to drink. After the feast we were all as full as stuffed animals.
We are learning to use our personal voice in writing. I used my personal voice when I described us as full as stuffed animals.

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  1. I learned how to make my writing interesting by using my personal voice and describing an event from my point of view.