Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Compare and Contrast | Early Church vs Church Now

Compare and Contrast | Early Church vs Now

Learn: I have been learning to Compare and Contrast which means finding the similarities and differences. 

Now What? With this knowledge, I will now start comparing and contrasting to find out more about that peculiar topic. 

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Friday, 25 August 2017

Event Update: Feast of St Pius

Feast of St Pius

This week, my parish and school had a massive celebration, in favour of St Pius (our school saint). After our successful Mass hosted by our school, we went into the hall to have some cake. 

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My Successful throughout this week!

I felt the most successful in Film Making. Why? Because, I was able to work with my aiga. This usually doesn't happen but I was able to communicate and work with them. We were also able to make a list of mistakes early film makers make. This will help us avoid those mistakes and become better and more productive.
The Next Step:
Now, my aiga and I will make a list of the movies we want to make, and pick the best one. 

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Friday, 11 August 2017

Writing - Lights Out

Lights Out by Aaliyah

This is a Story about me. A girl who is left in the dark and conquers her fear.

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Maths - Fraction Word Problems

Mathematics Fraction Word Problems

Though I have only done one slide (given just yesterday) I am confident that I've learnt something important. Fraction is an area in Maths that I struggle in the most. I am very proud with the work I have completed and is very excited to show you my progress at the end of next week.

- I've learnt to solve division problems using my known facts

Response to the Gospel - Matthew Chapter 12 Verse 23-24

Made with Padlet

Response to the Gospel

From this Learning experience, I have learnt to write down what I think is important in the Gospel. I also think that Courage is the most important thing in the Gospel. Peter was very brave, he was terrified but believed in God.


- I learnt to response the Gospel.