Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Monkey Bussiness

It was a cold, rainy night in the middle of Autumn, I suddenly woke up with a fright and walked to the attic to finish cleaning.

Inside the attic were junk from generations ago like old newspaper, boardgames and old photographs.

I was moving some boxes when I saw a large black book with blood on the cover. (The only book I knew about was the one called ''Fine cooking only for people who can't cook.'')

I opened the book slowly, when suddenly a gust of wind blew around the house. It felt like a strong tornado.

I just ignored it and went back to my cozy bed. When I woke up it looked like I was in a jungle. There were monkeys, bugs, elephant and huge lions!

I ran downstairs and looked out the window, everyone had turned into monkeys and so was I. I screamed but all you could hear was “OOOHHH.”

A few miles away I could see a huge gorilla holding onto my mum and heading to St Pius x school. I followed them there.

The army tried shooting the gorilla but they always missed. So I grabbed a machine gun and kept on shooting the gorilla in the head. Eventually it died. My mum landing safely on a trampoline.

We went back home unharmed but we were still monkeys. It was ok with me.  

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  1. I learned how to write a narrative with a problem and a solution.