Friday, 5 May 2017

The Easter Story - Group Workingv

The Easter Story - Group Work

Learn: To retell a story using Pictures. Retell The Easter Story or retell one of the Stories after Easter.

From Wednesday to Friday, Mikaela and I (and Spx Nu'u) have been working together to make "The Easter Circle." Though on Wednesday we didn't do much work, we eventually got it finished on Friday (Today). The pictures are going to be ordered by the following events that lead to the Resurrection of Jesus. Enjoy!

In this Photo, Mary of Magdalene arrives to the tomb where Jesus was buried.  
There she finds out that Jesus had Risen.
Next, Mary of Magdalene goes to the Disciple, Simon Peter,
 and explains everything she saw.
Then, Mary of Magdalene, Simon Peter and another disciple to the Place  
where Jesus had Risen
Simon Peter got there first, when he saw the cloths on the Bed.
He believed that the Lord had Risen!

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  1. Well Done Aaliyah! Keep up the good work. You explained each event very well.