Friday, 20 May 2016

Mother’s Day through my mum’s eyes

Today was my special day because it was Mother’s day. When I woke up I didn’t get anything special, not even a hug because my family  were all fast asleep. I had to wake my daughter, Aaliyah up for altar serving. You should have seen her ; she was drooling on the pillow like a bulldog chewing a bone!

When it was time to go to church Aaliyah took a long time to do her hair. Sometimes I just want to shave her hair off!  At church I was sitting all by myself  like an abandoned puppy, but Father Felise brightened up my day up with all his silly stories and jokes.

After the mass my daughter Aaliyah ran up to me and hugged me as tight as a belt. While I was driving, she pulled out a whole block of chocolate. At first I thought that she stole my money so I growled at her. She exclaimed to me that she found some money under her brother’s bed and brought some chocolate for Mother’s Day. I told her to make sure that next time she asked before taking the money, but gave her a big hug for the kind thought.

Afterwards we got out of the car. I carried the plate of food that I made. I feel like the maid in the family, sometimes. Inside the house I was greeted by all my sisters, brothers and cousins. I saw Aaliyah run off with her cousins to play pool and all those other games that young people play.

Later that day I bought some KFC for dinner with drinks and cake. When it was time to eat I saw Aaliyah run up to eat first. She eats like a  dog! I bet a lion could eat less food than my daughter!

At the end of the day it was time to go home so I hugged all my sisters, brothers and cousins. To my surprise my daughter came back with a bag of chocolates. She told me she got them by winning four games in a row playing pool. I think she is more like her brother than me. When we got home we both went to bed. Just as I was falling asleep I felt something wet on my arm… was my little bulldog, Aaliyah drooling on me again!

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  1. I learned to write about one moment on Mothers Day and used my senses, adjectives and similes to add interesting details to my writing.