Friday, 17 March 2017

Our Green Space - Marcellin Champagnat

Description - Our Green Place
Our Green Space is located right in the middle, at the back of Room 3 and the Library. Our Green Space isn’t really filled with beautiful Flowers, and nice cut grass. Instead, it’s filled with rubbish, thrown by most of our school students and some people who come here for Family Functions. If you ever come to Our Green Space the first thing you’ll notice is the sound of Crickets. I have noticed that the first two times I went to Our Green Space. There are a lot of trees which make Our Green Space really shady. The Flowers that is shaded from the Sun doesn't have enough Sunlight to grow, so they die. Which looks very untidy. At the back of Our Green Space there is a fence which separates our Neighbours from our School. It is also the place where most of the rubbish lives. Not many people would want to go down there because it is very damp, and no one knows what kind of Creatures would live there.

Learn: I have learned to describe my Green Place using pictures we have taken from an Ipad.

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