Friday, 16 December 2016

Choosing a Destination - Day 1

Choosing a Destination -
The world is a very big and very cool place. There are currently 196 countries and approximately 7.1 billion people living on earth. For this project we are going to focus on just 10 countries across 6 continents – Canada (North America), Mexico (Central America), Chile (South America), England (Europe), Germany (Europe), South Africa (Africa), United Arab Emirates (Middle East), Japan (Asia), Malaysia (South-East Asia), and Australia (Australasia).
Please click on the World Map tab on the main menu. It will bring you to a big map. One by one click on the names of the countries and ready the ‘Quick Facts’ about each place.

Activity 1
After you have read the quick facts about each place you must choose ONE country that you would like to‘visit.’ On your blog post the name of the country and tell us why you have chosen to visit it. Please give, at least, two reasons for choosing the country.

While I was reading each 'Quick Fact' about each country I noticed that there were short videos for me to watch. They all involved many breath-taking sights and landscapes, but that was it. There were no mysterious places or any paranormal activity. But when I stumbled upon "Chile" I noticed that there was a short montage of strange symbols on one of the many deserts of Chile. I was surprised and curiously searched up on Google, "Mysterious places in Chile."  I saw (no. 4) a paranormal related item, I was SO excited that I just started reading and reading until I realised that this would be one of the reasons why I would want to "visit" Chile!
Another reason why I would want to "visit" Chile is their food. One of the most exotic foods I have ever heard of is The Arrollado de Chancho. It's Pork wrapped in Pork fat and smothered in aj√≠ (Chili.) Okay I might of lied about liking all the food, but there is always their Cazuela de Ave. Which is chicken soup with pieces of meat, potatoes, green beans or peas, rice or noodles. (That's better.) 
Activity 2
On Google, research the country that you have chosen to visit and write, in your own words, three interesting facts about that country. They must be facts that weren’t already provided on the World Map.

One of the most interesting facts I have ever learnt is that there are Penguins in Chile! It says in the article that there is a total population of 12,000 breading pairs in the country.
In the same article I have read that the Oldest Mummy comes from Chile! Apparently the mummy has no face and is a child. 
On a different site I found out that they also have a 1,000 and 2,000 dollar note. Sometimes it would even go as high as 1,0000 dollars notes!

Bonus Activity
Write a letter to a friend or family member to tell them that you are going to visit your country of choice. In your letter, please tell them where you are going, why you have decided to go to the particular country and how long you will be away. Feel free to invite them to join you, if you’d like!
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Glen Innes

Friday 16 December

Dear Mikaela
Hi! I am so sad but at the same time very excited. I will be travelling to Chile for a month. I have decided to go to Chile because of all of the opportunities for me to learn more about their culture. Not only that but I really want to visit The San Jose former hospital. I read on the internet that it's haunted! I was also wondering if you would like to come with me? I know you love everything paranormal.
Love: Aaliyah xox


  1. Aaliyah,

    What a great start! I also find the paranormal interesting and your letter is well written.

    I like the sound of that soup and my goodness, the money sounds crazy.

    Keep up the fantastic blogging!

    Mrs Middleton

  2. Hi Aliyah It's Von from Room 7,

    Liked your letter really shows that you can't wait to visit Chile! I hope that Mikaela would be able to join you on your travel. :)

    Great work and I hope you continuously blog!

  3. Hi Aaliyah,

    It is wonderful to see that you have been blogging as part of the Summer Learning Journey. It's really exciting to have such fabulous blog posts already!

    I personally enjoyed reading your facts about Chile. They were fascinating! I had no idea that there are 12 000 breeding pairs of penguins in Chile. That is a phenomenal number!

    I also really enjoyed your letter to Mikeala. I am sure that you will be very sad to leave but you will have the adventure of a lifetime! Imagine all of the great stories that you will be able to share with Mikaela when you get back. She'll want to know all about your experiences with the paranormal in Chile.

    It is going to be a genuine pleasure blogging with you this summer, Aaliyah. I can't wait to read your next post and to see what you have discovered. I can tell that I'm going to learn a lot from you!

    Cheers, Rachel

  4. Hi Aaliyah

    I liked all the different facts you found about Chile because I found your facts really
    interesting especially the fact about the oldest mummy.

    Keep up the Good Work!

  5. Hi Aaliyah,
    I like how you explained what you did while looking through the Quick facts of each country. I was also surprised to see my name written on your letter for me. I hope you can keep up all the great work you will be showing.

  6. Hi Aaliyah,

    Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey! We are so excited to blog with you over the next four weeks. My name is Dan, and I'm working alongside Rachel and Mark over the summer. I'm lucky enough to be able to read your blogs and I'll be leaving comments as I go. If you want to reply to my comments then please do! I'd love to know what you think, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask away.

    What an outstanding first entry! Three activities in one blog is a brilliant effort, keep it up! I really enjoyed reading your blog, I didn't know that there was that much paranormal activity associated with Chile? You must be braver than me, there's no way I'd travel to a haunted hospital...

    I think Chile would be a really interesting country to travel to. I'm pleased to see you think so too! I would never have known that Chile had mummies either, thank you so much for sharing that fact with us. $10, 000 notes seems very high, I wonder how much those would be worth in New Zealand dollars?

    What an excellent first entry from you Aaliyah. With writing like yours, there's no way Mikaela could turn down your invitation to visit Chile with you.

    Keep up the amazing work. It's going to be a lot of fun reading your blogs this Summer!


  7. Hey Aaliyah,
    I was just looking at peoples blogs and I saw your one. I would like to visit Chile because of their foods. Chile looks like a cool country to go to because you got lots of delicious foods and different places in Chile that you can visit and you can go around to see.

    Great Blogging. Good work. Keep it up!!!