Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Day 2 Activity 2- Vinicius & Tom

New Zealand is also known for many famous landmarks, including the SkyTower and the Harbour Bridge. In your blog list 3 famous landmarks in New Zealand. Along with the name of each landmark provide a brief description of it. Where is the landmark located? In your opinion, why is it famous?

3 Famous Landmark in New Zealand

One Tree Hill : This landmark is located Wilmington in Auckland. It is famous because it is one of the tallest volcanoes in Auckland and is a special memorial ground for the Maori settlers.

Tane Mahuta : This landmark is located in Waipoua Kauri Forest in Wellington. It is famous because its name means "King of Forest" and is the largest and oldest tree in New Zealand.

Moeraki Boulders
: This landmark is located in Hampden. It is famous because there is a legend that these are wreckage from a giant canoe.


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