Monday, 11 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey - Activity 1 Day 1- Once upon a time in Olympia

DAY 1: Once Upon a Time in Olympia…

Fun Fact: The first ever Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC.

Our Olympic Journey starts thousands of years ago in a place called Olympia. Olympia was an ancient city in the country of Greece.

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The ancient city of Olympia was the site of the first ever Olympic Games. They were held in 776 BC. During these games, men from Greece were invited to participate in one or more of the following events – running, jumping, discus throwing, wrestling, boxing, pankration, horse and chariot races, and the pentathlon. The ancient Olympic Games came to an end in 393 AD, approximately 1000 years after they had first started.

Activity 1: Let’s imagine that you were alive 2792 years ago and invited to compete in the first ever ancient Olympic Games. Which of these events: running, wrestling, boxing, pankration, horse racing and pentathlon would you compete in? Click on the name of the sport and it will take you to a site that tells you about the sport. On your blog tell us which sport you would choose and why you chose it.

Once upon a time in Olympia....

For the first activity I chose Pentathlon, because in Samoa I experienced similar events that involve activities like that.

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