Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hola! - Day 6 Week 2 - Culture, Customs and Climate

This week you will be introduced to life in a new country. You will learn about the language, weather, family structure and school system in that country. You will then be invited to create and share your blogs with people currently living in each of these countries! To get started, take a look at the activities for Day 6 – Hola!
Day 6 – Hola!
Kia ora! G’day! Selamat! Guten Morgen! Hola! Welcome to the beautiful country of your choice. Before you leave the airport and go to your hotel, you will want to learn how to say hello in the language of your country. Look at the table below to learn basic words and phrases that you may need when you are travelling around the country.
Canada, United Kingdom, Australia
Chile, Mexico
United Arab Emirates
South Africa
Thank You
Terima kasih
Do you speak English?
¿Habla usted Inglés?
Sprechen sie Englisch?
Adakah anda bercakap Bahasa Inggeris?
Eigo o hanasemasu ka?
Hal tatahaddath alanjlyzy?
Praat jy Engels?

Activity 1
Once you have read these phrases you will be ready to leave the airport and head to your hotel. Take a moment and imagine how you might feel if you were standing in the airport in a foreign country and you had to figure out how to communicate with people in a brand new language. Would you be scared? Would you feel confident? Write a short poem that describes how you might be feeling (i.e. excited, happy, scared, nervous, etc).

I had just step foot in the airport and what do I see? A thousand Chilean people just staring at me! It was so weird, I was like an alien to them, I just wanted this whole nightmare to end.

Activity 2
Take a selfie that captures how you might be feeling. I think that I would most likely be feeling scared.

I would feel pretty freaked out.

Bonus Activity
Translate the following five basic travel phrases into Spanish, German, Malaysian, Japanese, Arabic or Afrikaans. Use the Google Translate website to do the translations.

Type the English phrase into the box on the left. Choose the language that you want it translated into on the right and then click the blue ‘Translate’ button. It will translate the English word or phrase into another language. Pretty cool ‘eh?!
Spanish - *
Good Morning - Buenos días
Good Bye - Adiós
How much does this cost? - ¿Cuánto cuesta este?
When is the next bus? - ¿Cuándo pasa el próximo autobús?
Where is the nearest Hospital? - ¿Dónde está el hospital más cercano?
* I have noticed that whenever we ask a question, there is always a upside down question mark at the start of the sentence. At the end of that sentence is a normal question mark. 
German - 
Good Morning - Guten Morgen
Good Bye - Auf Wiedersehen
How much does this cost? - Wie viel kostet das?
When is the next bus? - Wann fährt der nächste Bus?
Where is the nearest Hospital? -  Wo ist das nächste Krankenhaus?
Malaysian -

Good morning = Selamat Pagi
Good bye = Selamat tinggal
How much does this cost? = Berapa harga ini?
When is the next bus? = Bilakah bas seterusnya
Where is the nearest hospital? = Mana hospital yang terdekat?
Japanese -
Good morning = おはようございます
Good bye = さようなら
How much does this cost? = この費用はいくらですか?
When is the next bus? = 次のバスはいつですか?
Where is the nearest hospital? = 一番近い病院はどこですか?
Arabic -
Good morning = صباح الخير
Good bye = وداعا
How much does this cost? = كم سعر هذا؟
When is the next bus? = متى ستأتي الحافلة القادمة ؟
Where is the nearest hospital? = أين يقع أقرب مستشفى؟
Afrikaans - 
Good morning = Goeie more
Good bye = totsiens
How much does this cost? = Hoeveel kos dit?
When is the next bus? = Wanneer is die volgende bus ?
Where is the nearest hospital? = Waar is die naaste hospitaal 


  1. Hey Aaliyah,
    You are doing so well with this program so don't stop because you are absolutely fantastic at this so you will do well.

    Happy New Year!!! #2017 Jerome

  2. Hi Aaliyah (and Jerome),

    I completely agree with Jerome - you are doing a fabulous job with this Summer Learning Journey. Keep it up!

    I particularly liked the picture that you posted of yourself capturing your feelings about traveling. It is perfectly normal to feel scared and a little bit freaked by the idea of going somewhere new. I would feel exactly the same way.

    Fortunately, I have a friend named Lisa who recently moved to Chile with her family and she has assured me that it's a very cool place to go. She works at a university in Santiago (the capital city) and is learning how to speak Spanish in order to communicate with her students. I'm so proud of her!

    I will have to ask her why the Chileans use an upside down question mark (?) in their sentences. I have also noticed the same thing but am not entirely sure why they adopted this tradition.

    Thanks for posting another great blog, Aaliyah!

    All the best,

    Rachel :)