Wednesday, 25 January 2017

La, La, La...- Day 13

Although you had a very restful day yesterday watching TV you have woken up feeling quite tired. You decide to turn on the radio and listen to some music before you get up and get on with your day. When you turn on the radio, the first song that you hear is one by Justin Bieber, a musician from Canada.
Activity 1
Justin Bieber is arguably one of the most famous musicians in the world right now. He has had a number of hits, including the songs:
Watch the three videos. After you have finished watching them, rank them from #1 (best) to #3 (worst). On your blog, list the three videos in order from best to work and tell us why you have ranked them in that order.


Love yourself - #1 - I rated 'Love Yourself' the best song because I think the words really mean something meaningful.

Sorry - #2 - I rated 'Sorry' the second best song because I think it has a really cool up beat sound, which is great for dancing.

Baby - #3 - I rated 'Baby' the worst song because I don't really listen to that song that much, so I have lost interest in that song.

Activity 2
C:\Users\rwil313\Desktop\WOMAD logo.jpg
Every year there is a huge music festival held in New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is called WOMAD. WOMAD stands for ‘World of Music, Arts and Dance.’ The festival began in 1980 and there are WOMAD festivals held every year in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, Italy and The United Arab Emirates. They attract singers and performers from all around the world. Imagine that you are on the WOMAD organising committee for next year. Which two musicians/bands would you invite to perform? On your blog tell us the names of the two musicians/bands and tell us a bit about them. Where are they from? What kind of music do they play?


If I were in the WOMAD organisation committee I would invite Jeremih. He is a singer-songwriter who has written many hit songs, such as 'Oui" "Love Don't Change" and "Impatient." He comes from Chicago, Illinois, United States. His genre in music is R&B and Hip Hop. I think both children and adults will love his music.

If I were to pick a favourite band, it would be Sons of Zion. They are a mixed group who has many different vocies that spices things up a bit. Sons of Zion are originally from New Zealand, and their genre of music is Reggae. I think they have great music that will get you singing along in no time.

Bonus Activity
There are literally dozens of different types (‘genres’) of music in the world, including classical, rock ‘n roll, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), pop, hip hop, rap, jazz, etc. Some musicians play on their own and some play as part of a band. Arguably, the most influential band of all time is The Beatles. They were a rock band from Liverpool, England.
Dozens of movies have been made about the band. The most recent was a documentary called ‘The Beatles: 8 Days a Week – The Touring Years.’ Watch the trailer for this movie.

After you have finished, tell us two things that you learned about the Beatles from watching this trailer. They can be any two interesting facts!

I don't really know much about The Beatles, but I think I have learnt something from watching this trailer. The Beatles started off as a small group from Liverpool, England. To a massive group that went on many tours.

Another thing I have learnt from that trailer is that when The Beatles quit, the whole world went insane. There were bonfires filled with photos of The Beatles.

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  1. Hi Aaliyah,

    It's great to see that you learned a few interesting things about The Beatles from watching the trailer to The Touring Years documentary. The Beatles really were an international phenomenon. People went crazy when they saw any one of the four original members of the band. Sometimes women would actually break down and start sobbing when they saw the band. Others actually fainted when they caught a glimpse of the band. It was pretty intense!

    Is there a band or a musician who you would love to see? Someone who might make you faint (from excitement) if you got to meet them in person? I think that I might faint if I met Adele in person. I just love her! What about you?

    Rachel :-)