Sunday, 7 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey | Week 4

Contemporary Kiwis
Day 5 - Looking into the future (2000 - Present)

Activity 1 | Your future self

It may be hard to imagine, but one day you will graduate from high school and it will be time to decide what to do next. You may want to study at university, become an apprentice, go to training college, travel, or start working. There are so many options!

Take a minute to think about your future. What would you like to do when you finish school? Would you like to work in a specific job? Would you like to study at university? What would you study? Maybe you’d even like to move overseas. Share your thoughts and ideas on your blog site. There are no wrong answers!

The Future

When I finish school, I want to study at university but also have a part-time job. While at university I want to study History along with Criminology, Geography and Pacific Studies. I think all of these will be very beneficial for me in the future (except for criminology).
I also think working in the cinemas or working at a retail store would be a great first job.

Activity 2 | Flying Cars

Let’s imagine that you’ve just learned to drive, and your family has decided to buy you a brand new car. You are allowed to choose from any of the following designs:

Red-Cadillac-750x443.jpghummer.pngflying car (2).jpg

My First Car

I think the black car would be the best choice. Why? Well, we haven't actually allowed flying cars to roam our streets yet and inside would be very confusing because of all the buttons and switches, you'll never know what'll happen inside there. Also, the red car is so low, it's kind of uncomfortable, plus I don't really like the style. I think the black car ticks all my boxes and I would be very happy to have it.

Bonus Activity | Blade Runner 2049

There is a new movie out in cinemas at the moment called Blade Runner 2049.

It is a movie about what the world will be like in the future. Imagine that you able to travel through time and that you can see what the world will look like in 2099.

On your blog write a description of what New Zealand will be like at that time (80 – 90 years from now). What kind of houses will people live in? What will they eat? Where will they work?

The Future, 2099 

People will be living in one bedroom houses, they won't need other rooms because of just a press of a button, their room can magically turn into their washroom. Even if they have large families, they can edit their living space, like someone would if they were playing a computer game. People will be eating things like we do now, but most of the meat they eat is made with a computer. But, it still has the same taste as a chicken. 
When thinking about the future, I don't think people will have to work because of artificial intelligence, but most jobs will require humans to work/volunteer, like at a retail store or at a restaurant.


  1. Hey there Aaliyah, thank you for sharing your interesting thoughts on what the future will be like. It's great how you seem to have thought very carefully about the involvement of technology and robots in society. I think this might be an accurate estimation.

    I especially like the idea of being able to change your room into whatever is needed. It would mean our homes wouldn't need to take up too much room. There will definitely be a whole lot more 3D printing, such as your computer printing meat idea.

    How do you think we will earn money if robots have taken all of our jobs?

    Thanks, I can't wait to read your response.

  2. Sup Aaliyah,
    You have a good plan for when you go to University,What kind of job do you think you'll get?

    Great work

  3. Hi again Aaliyah, thanks for completing another set of activities. I am really impressed with how much work you've been doing these holidays.

    I've enjoyed reading your thoughts on which car you'd prefer. You've made some interesting points I hadn't yet thought about. I like how you identified that the flying car was probably a little too ahead of it's time, and we wouldn't know how to drive/fly them. The black car is much more suitable for a variety of different purposes. It would be frustrating driving the red car if it started to rain.


  4. Hi there Aaliyah,

    My name is Jade F and I am one of commenters from the Summer Learning Journey Programme.

    I really enjoyed reading through your activities. I especially liked your first activity about what you think your future will look like. That's amazing to hear that you would like to attend university one day! :)

    Great job Aaaliyah, keep up the blog posts!

    Jade F :)

  5. Hey Aaliyah,

    I can see that you’ve thought very hard about your future, it’s pretty cool to see people as young as you specific about their goals and dreams. I am curious about your choice of university majors. Why do you think criminology might not be beneficial to you in the future? Perhaps you could research jobs you could do after completing a criminology degree..

    I am getting to know a little bit about you which is cool, thank you for sharing your aspirations for the future. You will go very far!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,


  6. Hey Aaliyah,
    Well done completing the summer learning journey activity,
    Youn have done so well so great job.

  7. Hey Aaliyah,
    I like your idea for the future, It would of been so cool if you could just use a pad or button to edit the space in your lounge.

    Great wrok

  8. Hi Aaliyah It's me Lusia, I am currently at college right now,
    but I would like to wish you good luck for this year! College is soo Fun & different! I wish I could see you guys again!
    I hope you had an outstanding holiday! <3 xx